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Plumbr has been acquired by Splunk

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October 20, 2020 by
Priit Potter
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Dear readers,

We are happy to announce that Plumbr has been acquired by Splunk. Our whole team is super excited to join the Splunk product team and continue developing APM solutions on a much larger scale.

Throughout the 9 years of history, we have stayed true to our goal of helping our customers with more reliable and faster digital services:

  • Plumbr started as a memory leak detection tool (hence the name), as memory leaks are one of the hardest to troubleshoot availability issues with Java applications.
  • We then expanded to also detect other availability and performance issues of Java applications (eg, Garbage Collection, locked threads, slow database calls, etc.).
  • We then added measuring the impact of these technical issues, so that engineers and product owners could easily prioritize what they need to improve.
  • Then, distributed tracing came into play, Real User Monitoring soon followed, and as a logical next step, push alerts were rolled out to our customers.
  • And finally, over the last year, we extended Plumbr’s monitoring capability from Java-only applications to those built with PHP, Python or nodeJS.

It has been a long and fulfilling journey. One that has taught us a lot – not only how to build the most awesome Application Performance Monitoring solution, but also how to build a business, hire people, open new offices, raise money from investors, and so on.

The thought of putting the skills and knowledge that we have acquired throughout these years to work at Splunk’s scale – delivering value to thousands of customers globally, including 92 out of the Fortune 100 – is exhilarating. We’ve been dreaming about our technology having such impact since day 1.

A note to our customers – as we start integrating with the Splunk team, all the existing agreements on subscriptions, support, etc. will continue to be in effect. Additionally, we will be able to provide you with access to Splunk resources and products. We will reach out to you in a few weeks with more details.

Finally, and most importantly, we would like to thank the many, many people that helped us get here. We highly value the opportunity to have worked with and learned from each one of you: our 319 customers, 44 current and past team members, and 13 investors. Thank you for trusting us, helping us, and believing in us.

Hope to continue our work with you, now as part of Splunk!

Nikita, Priit, Vladimir, Ivo
Founders of Plumbr

Pictured below with a critical piece of our trade show booth equipment:

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