October 3, 2022

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Confessions of a Web Developer XIX

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It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a few things off of my chest and since I’m always full of peeves and annoyances I thought it was time to unleash:

  • Due to the immensely negative response to any tweet about crypto from my blog account, I created a second account just for crypto musings. I’ll be honest – it hurt that I needed to do that. I’ve always felt readers and followers were on a journey with me but maybe the truth is that the majority of my value is quick tips and code to get people past a single problem.
  • Last week I contributed to Uniswap, the well known decentralized exchange with billions of dollars in locked value and used by millions of DeFi investors each day. It was a small change but putting my footprint in as many places as possible is important to me. Good for the ego but also helps to make me feel valuable and energized.
  • I couldn’t be prouder to be working the amazing team at MetaMask to build the secure future of Web3 and change the landscape of trading, voting, and money. The potential of blockchain, Web3, and the entrepreneurial spirit that comes with it makes me incredibly excited to wake up every day.
  • It’s taken a while to admit to myself but Mozilla’s layoffs were mostly an effort to bin experienced, highly paid senior employees and replace then with younger, cheaper employees. Not bitter, just honest, and it’s a good reminder that your employer is not your friendnot matter how much they speak in terms of family.
  • I grew up working incredibly hard and now, at 38, I feel like I need to relax a bit and soak in live, enjoy the fruits of my labor. I’m scared I’m letting my family down in not being more engaged sometimes, but I’m also afraid I’d be stopping the momentum I’ve built. The more I think about it, the more I feel like I’m failing and will regret how I’ve spent my time.
  • I’ve said for years that I’d love for someone to steal me from the Apple ecosystem (computer, phone, etc.) but no one seems capable. Apple’s seamless device integrations and Genius Bar support are irreplaceable.
  • Has web development become boring because the browsers have mostly eliminated API differences and kept a relatively synced feature release schedule? Or because Chromium has taken over? Or because we all use React / framework abstractions? It feels like webdev isn’t as exciting as it used to be
  • I fell in love with the programming mostly due to languages ​​that weren’t typed because I could code without types getting in the way. The more experience you gain, however, you’re desperate for typing because it can keep you out of trouble. Circle of (dev) life?
  • Seeing my children obsessed with watching screens and playing with devices makes me feel like a horrible parent. It doesn’t help that I’m glued to my phone, so I’m probably a horrible husband too. Ashamed that I fell into this trap.
  • Working remotely for the past decade, and that coupled with the pandemic, have sunken me into a depression and thrust me into suffering massively from agoraphobia. The idea of ​​boarding a plane or visiting a busy restaurant horrifies me …
  • The fact that our industry is run on arbitrarily adding unaudited, almost anonymously created dependencies to our projects is borderline irresponsible. LavaMoat helps but still … surely there’s got to be a better way …
  • … and speaking of better ways, large organizations need to start contributing money to these open source projects, especially if they want to them to be maintained. Almost criminal that they don’t.
  • I was always confused when I saw the eye-watering numbers being paid to podcasters but a recent 4 hour drive made me realize how much easier traveling is when you have a familiar, entertaining voice in your ear. I get it now.
  • Don’t work for free – at the very least, solicit donations for your work. Why? Pay the writer.

What am I right about? What am I incredibly offbase with? Let me know!

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Website performance monitoring
Website performance monitoring
Website performance monitoring
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