September 30, 2022

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CSS accent-color

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For better or worse, form fields have been somewhat difficult to style with CSS. Form control display is dependent upon device, operating system, and browser, so you can imagine the difficulty in making styling easy. We have slowly been given some controls over form control display, as evidenced by accent-color!!

The accent-color CSS property allows us to change the accent of input, input[type=radio]and input[type=checkbox] elements!

input {
  accent-color: blue;

input[type=checkbox] {
  accent-color: red;

See the Pen by David Walsh (@darkwing) on ​​CodePen.

accent-color is a lovely addition to input CSS elements. I love any CSS feature that encourages using native elements instead of shimming your own to improve branding and design. Let’s hope for more CSS features like accent-color!!

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