September 30, 2022

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Mokens league raises $2Mn Funding! | by Hivelancetech | Apr, 2022

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Source – Game news 24

E-Sports players all around the world are thrilled to hear the news that Mokens league is getting $ 2mn seed funding to develop its gaming modules, updating its gaming servers, and for other essential developments.

The game developer has announced pre-registration for their token purchase that can be utilized to buy NFTs in the game ecosystem. The token name called “MOKA” released on one of the sustainable blockchains called Polygon network.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

The CEO of Mokens League said to the reporter that the play-to-earn gaming model is revolutionizing. NFT game is attracting in the initial phase but when the game is not interesting to play the game further, users will be left away from the game. Instead of just spending players time on game that rewards them, we want to engage the audience by leveraging sports mechanics in next standards.

People can compete with next-next levels in a really fun filled way without overtaking by gaming pros. Everyone got the chance to upgrade their levels using their gaming skills.

Because the streaming community is currently the number one driver of game adoption, these games should be as enjoyable to play as they are to watch.

NFT gaming development infrastructure reaches height in recent days due to its lucrative multi business models like metaverse, NFT marketplace etc. The industrialist, crypto magnets are finding new ways to fill out the gap that exists in the landscape.

Mokens League seeks to have real-time multiplayer demos released privately by the end of Q3 and a public beta open by Q1 of 2023. MOKA tokens will have a total supply of 500 million, and most of this supply will be held for distribution throughout Mokens League games. The rest of the supply will be spread across partners, marketing, liquidity management and early investors.

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