September 30, 2022

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OverVue 6.0: Vue’s Most Popular Prototyping Tool Just Got Better | by Bryan Bart | Mar, 2022

6 min read

Expedite the development of your next Vue application – now with TypeScript, Vite and a revamped UI

The OverVue 6.0 logo
A switch flips and shows Typescript being turned On and Off
It’s really that easy
A Package.JSON file for programming that shows TypeScript commands for a command-line-interface
Built to help you start developing, building and testing even faster – now in TypeScript, too
From prototype to development in seconds
An animated GIF of using OverVue
Add notes to your component…
A picture demonstrating two notes inside the OverVue GUI
… Within OverVue…
Two notes from OverVue's GUI shown inside the developer IDE
… And later review them in your IDE
The Docker logo, a containerization software
Now with Docker!

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