October 3, 2022

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The Ember Times – Issue No. 159

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👋 Emberistas! 🐹

Community addon updates: stable version of ember-bootstrap v4 released 💥, and check out ember-dayjs-helpers 🕰️!

Simon Ihmig (@simonihmig) announced the stable release of ember-bootstrap v4, tweeting that it’s another step toward a full Octane refactoring! Glimmer components are coming next.

Bootstrap users can check out the full list of changes in the changelog. For breaking changes, give ember-bootstrap-codemods a try. We are appreciative of all the codemods in the Ember community!

Not familiar with ember-bootstrap? It’s an Ember CLI addon that provides a collection of Ember components that mimic the original Bootstrap plugins and components in an Ember-friendly way, replacing the need for bootstrap.js. For more info, check out the website and the corresponding repo.

Rajasegar Chandran (@rajasegar) created the ember-dayjs-helpers library which contains over 30+ template helpers based on day.js, a fast 2kB alternative to Moment.js with the same modern API.

In your templates, you can easily use day.js APIs using the provided helpers. For example, you can use the {{day-js}} helper to display the current date or format a date provided.

{{day-js}} => Display today's date
{{day-js date='2019-01-25' format='DD-MM-YYYY'}} => 25-01-2019
{{day-js date='2019-01-25' format='DD MMMM YYYY'}} => 25 January 2019

Check out the full project with the list of helpers provided on GitHub!

This week we’d like to thank @amyrlam, @bmish, @chriskrycho, @chrisrng, @dcyriller, @ghedamat, @ ijlee2, @krisselden, @locks, @mehulkar, @miguelverissimo, @nickschot, @pzuraq, @rwjblue, @snewcomer, @tashvaqa for their contributions to Ember and related repositories! 💖

That’s another wrap! ✨

Be kind,

Chris Ng, Amy Lam, and the Learning Team

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