September 26, 2022

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The Ember Times – Issue No. 195

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πŸ‘‹ Emberistas! 🐹

Submit your questions for the Ember Framework AMA, Feb 4th πŸ™‹β€β™€, RFC: Add Ember Cookbook 🍳, Ember.js Triaging Office Hours πŸ“š, Ember v4 TypeScript Support Update ✨, Pass me the remote – meetup recordings about V2 addon format and teaching Ember πŸ“Ή, Mel Sumner on the ShopTalkShow Podcast πŸŽ™, Router Analysis Survey πŸš€, How to’s with Ember πŸ”₯, Ember Addon Roundup 🌎

On February 4th at 2 pm Eastern Time, the Ember.js Framework team will livestream some community questions and answers. Would you like to submit a question or two?

Use the Ember Times reader question form, “AMA” stands for “ask me anything – the team would love to hear what you are wondering about!

Livestream details will be posted on the Ember.js Twitter. The session will be recorded and published online, so if you miss the livestream, don’t sweat it.

Ketaki Deo (@ketakideo) opened an RFC to add a cookbook section to our learning resources that will help Ember developers to learn maintainable, accessible patterns for common tasks.

Today, the Ember docs are missing how-to guides that would provide goal-oriented answers and patterns to common problems Ember developers face on a daily basis. This used to be available in v1.12 but was removed in v1.13.

These types of content exist today in the form of blogs, stackoverflow answers and efforts like Ember Atlas but they are not discoverable and can sometimes be incorrect. The proposed Ember Cookbook will be managed and curated by the Ember Learning team which will work closely with the Ember Core team on upgrades to add, modify or delete information as needed.

Read, comment, and discuss this proposal in the RFC on Github!

@locks, a member of the Framework and Learning core teams, has started weekly office hours for anyone that was to help triage issues and pull requests on Ember core projects, like ember.js, ember-cli, ember-data, and many others . If you want to learn how to reproduce bugs, learn how to figure out if issues are still relevant, or you want to help Ember keep their project tidy, join locks at the #issue-triage channel of Ember’s Discord every Thursday at 15h GMT.

If you didn’t notice, there’s a new blog post by Chris Krycho (@chriskrycho) on the Ember blog about support for TypeScript in Ember 4.x!

The Typed Ember team has provided a ton of great detail on the latest in using TypeScript in Ember so go give the post a read today!

With the new year and a new major version of Ember, remote events are in full swing, with recordings available so that Ember developers around the world can participate.

Earlier this month, the Boston Ember Community meetup gathered remotely to learn about V2 addon formats and how Ember is a great tool for teaching junior developers. Check out the videos!

Ember CLI Addon Evolution – Robert Jackson

Why new developers should learn Ember.js – Ankush Dharkar

Ember Core team member Melanie Sumner (@melsumner) recently appeared on the Shop Talk Show podcast and shared experiences involving Ember, the importance of accessibility, and the web. ✨✨✨

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, give it a listen.

If you’re interested in providing feedback about Ember’s router there’s a cool survey you can participate in. You may end up helping shape the future of the Ember router by doing so! 😎

How to’s with Ember πŸ”₯

NullVoxPopuli (@NullVoxPopuli) announced several new awesome example Ember repo’s for Wordle, Tailwind and Embroider.

Be sure to check them out when you have a chance!

Ember Addon Roundup 🌎

We’ve had several addons across the Ember ecosystem release updates recently, here’s what you may have missed and reasons to upgrade!

This week we’d like to thank Kelly Selden (@kellyselden), Shane Martin (@shamrt), Giles Thompson (@gilest), Jen Weber (@jenweber), @sandstrom, Ricardo Mendes (@locks), Robert Wagner (@ rwwagner90), Bert De Block (@bertdeblock), Steve Calvert (@scalvert), Chris Freeman (@cafreeman), Simon Ihmig (@simonihmig), Steve (@ st-h), @linearza, Chris Manson (@mansona), Team (@ fozy81), Ben Demboski (@bendemboski), @NullVoxPopuli, Bryan Mishkin (@bmish), Ilya Radchenko (@knownasilya), Chris Ng (@chrisrng), Demian Caldelas (@ denik1981), Peter Wagenet (@wagenet) , Jared Galanis (@jaredgalanis), Jonathan Johnson (@jrjohnson), Daniele Orlandi (@vihai), Chris Krycho (@chriskrycho), Boris Petrov (@ boris-petrov), Robert Jackson (@rwjblue), Charles Fries (@charlesfries ), Sergey Astapov (@SergeAstapov), and Edward Faulkner (@ ef4) for their contributions to Ember and related repositories! πŸ’–

Office Hours Tomster Mascot

Wondering about something related to Ember, Ember Data, Glimmer, or addons in the Ember ecosystem, but don’t know where to ask? Readers’ Questions are just for you!

Submit your own short and sweet question under And don’t worry, there are no silly questions, we appreciate them all – promise! 🀞

Want to write for the Ember Times? Have a suggestion for next week’s issue? Join us at # support-ember-times on the Ember Community Discord or ping us @embertimes on Twitter.

Keep on top of what’s been going on in Emberland this week by subscribing to our email newsletter! You can also find our posts on the Ember blog. See you in two weeks!

That’s another wrap! ✨

Be kind,

Jared Galanis, Chris Ng, Jen Weber, Ricardo Mendes and the Learning Team

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