September 30, 2022

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The Ember Times – Issue No. 60

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Hello people! 🐹

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This week’s Ember Times is all about cool web fonts Community, community chat migrations and encouraging your inner Ember Data RFC champion 🛡. We also have lots of Ember app wizardry ✨ with ember-cli-createa guide for using learning resources of all Ember versions efficiently and – last, but not least – a brand-new Readers’ Question for you! 💁🏻

Do you like web fonts? Then it’s a good thing that ember-cli-webfonts released version 1.0 🎉

Now you can use the webfonts-generator to generate web fonts as part of your ember build process. By default the addon expects to find SVG files in app/webfont-svg but all of this can be customized alongside with class prefixes, base selectors, font names and much more.

All you have to do is run ember install ember-cli-webfont and you’re ready to go. Check out the Github repository for more information.

The Request for Comments (RFC) proposing a move of the community’s real-time communication from Slack to Discord has entered the Final Comment Period (FCP) and is most likely to close this weekend.

A plethora of comments and suggestions from the community have already come in about the proposed migration. If you’re interested in joining the discussion yourself, please take your time to read the entire proposal here and the comments along the RFC which have already been made.

If you have new (and friendly! Information) information to add to the conversation, please do so in the RFC’s comments section. And once again: Thank you all for all your feedback! ✨

On an Open Source diet? Or looking for moar? @runspired tweets that Ember Data has a number of smaller “bite sized” RFC requests that need champions, and they’d love your help! Check it out on GitHub.

@Gossi released ember-cli-createa project that allows you to create new Ember projects using a UI.

It visually provides options to choose from when generating the scaffold, for example:

  • Which type of project (addon or app)
  • Features to be installed

Take a peek here 👀 or maybe ping Gossi for questions, suggestions or appreciations. ❤️

@jenweber breaks down the differences between Ember 2 and 3 in her latest Medium post in an approachable and informative way! Share with coworkers, friends, and folks on the interweb that are new to Ember.

Ember 3 apps must use the new import-what-you-need approach. this.get is optional in Ember 3, except properties that are Promise proxies. (Note: If you haven’t upgraded to Ember 3 yet, give ember-cli-update a try to take advantage of codemods!) Testing is also somewhat different. Check out @ turbo87’s 2018 EmberConf talk for a deeper dive.

For the most up-to-date Ember reference material, check out the Guides, the official Tutorials, and the API docs. Elsewhere on the web, stick with resources from 2016 and beyond to stay current. 💯

This week we’d like to thank @camerondubas, @hakilebara, @amyrlam, @ Mi6u3l, @kennethlarsen, @Alonski, @deanylev, @tylerturdenpants, @runspired, @twokul, @stefanpenner, @SparshithNR, @jenweber, @dcyler @MelSumner and @mschinis for their contributions to Ember and related repositories 💖!

Office Hours Tomster Mascot

This week’s Readers’ Question is all about best practices in Ember apps and one of the most popular design patterns – the “Data Down, Actions Up” paradigm – is explained in more detail. Read this week’s answer by @ jessica-jordan on the official Ember Forum here.

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That’s another wrap! ✨

Be kind,

Miguel Braga Gomes, Amy Lam, Ryan Mark, Kenneth Larsen, Jessica Jordan, Ricardo Mendes and the Learning Team

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