October 1, 2022

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The Ember Times – Issue No. 83

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გამარჯობა Emberistas! 🐹

2019 is coming in strong with a staggering amount of RFCs in FCP ⌛, an update on native classes in Ember 🚀, Ember.js Core Team Face-to-Face Meeting 😄, as well as an upcoming This.JavaScript: State of Frameworks! 🎉

We also have an exclusive contributor interview with @jenweber for you! 🙌

2019 is coming in strong with a staggering amount of RFCs in the Final Comment Period (FCP). So come and check out these awesome work!

Tracked Properties RFC by @pzuraq which introduces a simpler and more ergonomic system for tracking state change in Ember applications.

Contextual Helpers & Modifiers RFC by @chancancode or supporting first-class helpers / modifiers in our templates.

Two deprecation RFCs by @chadhietala are now in FCP – Deprecate Application Controller Router Properties RFC and Deprecate Route Render APIs RFC.

Finally the Restructuring of the Guides Table of Contents RFC by @jenweber where the Guides will be rearranged to provide a natural learning flow for today’s Ember.js developers is also in FCP.

@pzuraq wrote a blog post on native classes in Ember, which officially landed in v3.6. The article focuses on current best practices and changes since the original how-to article was posted. If you’re curious about native classes in Ember, be sure to read Chris’ detailed and informative writeup!

In December the Ember.js Core Team with in-person and remotely to review the direction that the API framework is headed, work through some architectural design questions, and figure out next steps. This resulted in a blog post summarizing all the cool things that were discussed. This means that you can have a look on the Octane discussion as well as a review of website improvement progress. If that sounds interesting to you, then you should check out the blog post.

@kennethlarsen is representing Ember at This.JavaScript’s State of Frameworks event! Speakers from prominent open source frameworks will discuss upcoming releases, recent milestones, and community initiatives. Be sure to RSVP to tune in online on Feb 12.

Jen Weber

In the 4th edition of the contributor interview series, we’d like to highlight the work of community member Jen Weber, also known as @jenweber. In this exclusive interview with the Ember Times she talks about her work on the Ember Guides, what the next edition of Ember means for the framework’s learning story and which of her learningings from working on open-source have turned out to become powerful assets for her own career.

You can read the full interview on the Ember Forum.

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This week we’d like to thank @samcic, @locks, @ppcano, @bekzod, @simonihmig, @rwjblue, @ Panman8201, @pzuraq, @MelSumner, @bmac, @mhankus, @rimian, @BryanCrotaz, @ rwwagner90, @nlfurniss, @efx, @chancancode, @miguelcobain, @samselikoff, @noslouch, @mansona, @dbendaou, @MonsieurDart and @wadie for their contributions to Ember and related repositories! 💖

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