September 26, 2022

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The Ember Times – Issue No. 87

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Happy Friday, Emberistas! ๐Ÿน

This week: Take and share the 2019 Ember Community Survey E, Ember 3.8 released ๐Ÿš€, SFC & Template Import Primitives RFC ๐Ÿ”ฌ, Contribution Guides RFC in FCP โœ๏ธ, dig through the Classic Class Owner Tunnel RFC ๐Ÿ•ณ, Help Wanted ๐Ÿšง, and a brand-new Readers’ Question ๐Ÿค“ for you!

With 2019 already under way the Ember Core team would like your help to learn about who is in the Ember community and how they work with the framework. The 2019 Ember Community Survey is anonymous and only open until March 12th!!

Be sure to take a survey today and spread the word among your colleagues and Ember friends!

Take the survey

New versions of Ember, Ember CLI and Ember Data have been released. Not only does this release contain features like the Element Modifier Manager and the array helper – it also marks 3.8 as a new LTS candidate. Both the features and the LTS information can be found in the release post.

This release also contains 5 deprecations for Ember, so if you plan on upgrading to 3.8 please have a look at the new deprecations.

@tomdale recently opened up an RFC to explore adding single-file components and module imports in component templates!

The SFC & Template Import Primitives RFC proposes adding experimental low-level primitives for embedding templates in JavaScript and associating templates with component classes, two highly-requested features. ๐ŸŽ‰

Rather than proposing specific formats for single-file components and template imports, the RFC proposes new low-level API’s that addons can use to implement experimental ๐Ÿงช file formats.

Be sure to checkout and comment on the detailed design of the SFC & Template Import Primitives RFC on Github!

@ jessica-jordan proposed adding an official Contribution Guide which aims to improve the discoverability of Ember-related projects that require help by the community and outlines the general contribution workflow for these projects.

With the intent of making the Contribution Guides as beginner-friendly as possible, it will include a summary of the motivation of open-source and its meaning for Ember as an OSS project, a real-world example of how to contribute codea guide on how to file an issueand an issue finder inspired by the What Can I Do for Mozilla landing page.

The Contribution Guides RFC is in Final Comment Period (FCP) so check it out!

@pzuraq opened an RFC around making getOwner and explicit injections work in classic class constructors since the Native Class Constructor Update RFC changed the way that classic classes were constructed.

The Classic Class Owner Tunnel RFC proposes to make explicit injections work for the class’s constructor method. However, implicit injections will still only be available during initbecause they are passed in and assigned as args. The implicit injections will be caught using development-mode assertions which would direct users to add the injection explicitly (ideally), or to use init.

Read the full details on the Classic Class Owner Tunnel RFC on GitHub!

A large part of the work for Octane โ›ฝ๏ธ is documentation! Would you like to help? Check out these issues! Drop by the # dev-ember-learning channel on Discord if you want to help out or have any questions. The goal is to make the upcoming edition information clear for both new learners and existing Ember developers, and along the way, to some general refactors of our guides content.

This week we’d like to thank @ Turbo87, @stefanpenner, @jaredgalanis, @MelSumner, @CodingItWrong, @jenweber, @enomws, @toddjordan, @pzuraq, @ondrejsevcik, @ mike-north, @tschoartschi, @rwjblue, @ mixonic, @jeanduplessis, @chadhietala, @fpauser, @Alonski, @BradLeftley, @runspired, @yusufsagdic, @nummi and @scalvert for their contributions to Ember and related repositories! ๐Ÿ’–

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In this week’s Readers’ Question we’re talking about a popular question asked by many Ember developers who are starting out: What are the benefits of using Ember Data over Ajax? Ember Learning team member @ jessica-jordan highlights in her answer some of the plethora of advantages that a data management library like Ember Data offers for building easy-to-maintain applications that also scale well.

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Submit your own short and sweet question under And don’t worry, there are no silly questions, we appreciate them all – promise! ๐Ÿคž

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Jessica Jordan, Kenneth Larsen, Chris Ng, Jared Galanis, Jen Weber, Amy Lam and the Learning Team

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