October 1, 2022

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The Ember Times – Issue No. 96

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Spring has sprung, Emberistas! 🐹

This week: arrival of decorators in Ember 3.10 & Octane ✨, a new season of May I Ask a Question πŸ™‹, contributions from the EmberJS Paris contributor workshop πŸ‡«πŸ‡·, easier navigation through concurrency in your app tests πŸ•—, interview with Edward Faulkner on Embroider πŸŽ™οΈ, and building an e-commerce app with Octane πŸ”₯! Read on…

It’s official: Decorators will be shipped with Ember 3.10 and Octane! πŸŽ‰

In his latest coverage of Octane, Chris Garrett explains which decorators Ember supports, why others from ember-decorators addon weren’t included, and how we can use a polyfill to start using decorators now.

Please look forward to the launches of Ember 3.10 and Octane. Learn more about decorators today!

PS Send your congratulations to Chris on his wedding and honeymoon! πŸ’

Jen Weber and Chris Manson kicked off the month of May with a new season of May I Ask a Question.

Each week, the two will discuss and solve Ember-related questions on Stack Overflow β€” show us how we can answer community questions in an effective and encouraging way. πŸ’ž

To find out when the next live episode will air, please follow @jwwweber and @real_ate on Twitter. Please read Jen Weber’s blog post to learn more about their initiative!

Last week’s contributor workshoporganized by the folks over at the EmberJS Paris meetupwas a real success: with new changes to Ember CLI, improvements to Ember addons and even a brand-new RFC written, the Ember community gave back to the project, with some of the work even being made by first-time contributors! πŸ™Œ

Already feeling inspired to participate in or initiate your own Ember contributor workshop? Be sure to check out these helpful resources to get you started. And don’t forget to check back on the # dev-ember-learning Discord channel and the Ember Help Wanted app to find something neat to work on. High coding! πŸ’»β€οΈ

Managing concurrency in your app can be hard (at least, until you start using ember-concurrency (). Managing concurrency in your tests can be even harder.

But there’s a new hope, called Milestones. Celebrating its first public release, this library helps you build apps with concurrent behavior that’s easy to navigate in both your dev and test environment. Check it out today and give it a try!

At EmberConf 2019, we got a surprise announcement of Embroider, the next-gen build pipeline for Ember applications. 🧑

EmberMap sat down with Edward Faulkner, the creator of Embroider, to provide us more information.

Some key messages are:

  • Embroider embraces ES modules and pull-based builds. It includes only the code that your app needs. πŸ’―
  • You can try out Embroider today! Once you are able to build your app with the default settings, you can look at various options to boost performance and allow route splitting. πŸ––
  • If you are an addon developer, please work towards getting to the V2 format. This will allow Embroider to skip the expensive 1st build stage for your addon. ⏭️

Be sure to look out for an RFC to make Embroider the next build system for Ember. In the meantime, please check out EmberMap’s interview with Edward Faulkner!

At the inaugural Ember San Antonio Meetup, Beto CantΓΊ (@ betocantu93) presented an e-commerce app that he had built with Octane (in just hours!).

In addition to new features such as @tracked and {{on}} modifier, Beto covered the fundamentals of Ember β€” from designing routes to deploying our app. This made a great introduction to attendees who had never used Ember before. πŸ€—

Please watch Beto’s talk to learn more about building apps with Octane. Don’t forget to upvote and share it with your friends!

This week we’d like to thank @rileyhilliard, @dnalagatla, @CvX, @greyhwndz, @rwjblue, @villander, @pzuraq, @rtablada, @romgere, @hjdivad, @runspired, @nikhilsane, @scalvert, @mansona, @stefanpenner, @simonihmig, @chiragpat, @tomdale, @lifeart, @rondale-sc for their contributions to Ember and related repositories! πŸ’–

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That’s another wrap! ✨

Be kind,

Jessica Jordan, Isaac Lee, Amy Lam, and the Learning Team

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