September 28, 2022

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The Ember Times – Issue No. 97

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Kaltxì Emberistas! 🐹

This week: the EmberFest 2019 CFP is now open 📝, build a GitHub Gist clone in Octane RF, RFC proposing deprecation of mouseenter + mouseleave Ember Events 🐁, and last, but not least, an interview with Yehuda Katz 🎙️!

EmberFest – the European Community Ember Conference – will be held at Mogens Dahl in Copenhagen this year from October 17-18, 2019. They have recently announced that the CFP is now open with a deadline at August 1, 2019.

EmberFest is looking for a wide range of talks, from in-depth technical talks to broader talks covering other aspects of software development. While Ember-related is best, EmberFest is open to considering talks that cover more general software / tech related topics that would be of interest to Ember developers.

Submit your talk today!

In this free video tutorial, Program with Erik and Jeffrey Biles pair program on building a simplified GitHub Gist clone in Octane. Jeffrey explains how Octane is a set of features bundled together to create a new programming experience. This video is geared toward beginners, folks coming from other frameworks, or people who are coming back to Ember after awhile! Share it with a friend?

In addition to using the Octane blueprint, the tutorial makes use of ember-prism and ember-animated. Check out the recording and use the GitHub repo as a reference to code along at home.

Since the early beginnings of Ember, the Ember Event Dispatcher handled the delegation of browser events in an application. But some events are harder to delegate to the Dispatcher than others. In particular, the mouseenter⬅️🐁 ⬅️🐁 and the mouseleave 🕳🐁➡️ events need to be handled differently because they do not bubble up – a characteristic that Ember’s Event Dispatcher usually relies on for event delegation.

In a new RFC, the writer of RFC # 386 is back with a proposal to reduce the overhead of event handling for these rarely used event types. In his proposal, @simonihmig suggests the deprecation of mouseleave and mouseenter events in Ember’s Event Dispatcher in favor of using native event listeners.

Read more about the motivation and the transition path for the proposed change in the original RFC and be sure to leave your questions, thoughts or suggestions in the comments below! ✍️

Episode 15 of Copy, Paste, Repeat introduces us to Yehuda Katz, the co-creator of Ember.

Some of the highlights are:

  • How Yehuda started his career as a developer
  • Lessons learned from early Ember
  • Where the web may be in 5 years

To learn more, we encourage you to listen to this podcast episode!

This week we’d like to thank @ rwjblue, @ Turbo87, @dgeb, @ rwwagner90, @igorT, @zinyando, @ pete-the-pete, @HeroicEric, @kategengler, @chadhietala, @pzuraq, @MelSumner, @tchak and @RichardOtvos for their contributions to Ember and related repositories! 💖

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