October 3, 2022

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veinmind-tools/README.en.md at master · chaitin/veinmind-tools · GitHub

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veinmind-tools/README.en.md at master · chaitin/veinmind-tools · GitHub



veinmind-tools is self-developed by chaitin technology ,a container security toolset based on veinmind-sdk

🔥 Demo

🕹️ Quick Start

1. Make sure docker is installed correctly on the machine

2. Install veinmind-runner image

docker pull veinmind/veinmind-runner:latest

3. Download veinmind-runner parallel container startup script

wget -q https://download.veinmind.tech/scripts/veinmind-runner-parallel-container-run.sh -O run.sh && chmod +x run.sh

4. Quick scan local images

🔨 Toolset

PS: All tools currently support running in parallel containers

🏘️ Contact Us

  1. You can make bug feedback and feature suggestions directly through GitHub Issues.
  2. By scanning the QR code below (use wechat), you can join the discussion group of veinmind users for detailed discussions by adding the veinmind assistant.

404 starlink project

veinmind-tools now joined 404 starlink project (https://github.com/knownsec/404StarLink)

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