October 5, 2022

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Samsung tried to troll Apple’s iPhone 13 with a bizarre tweet

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Last week, Apple debuted a number of new products at its March event. The new iPhone SE, iPad Air, and Mac Studio were the stars of the show, each incredibly powerful for their size. But just days before the event began, leaks concerning a green iPhone 13 began to pop up. And indeed, in addition to all of its new devices, Apple also introduced a green iPhone 13 and an alpine green iPhone 13 Pro during the event. Samsung, always looking for an opening to strike, took the opportunity to slyly accuse Apple of ripping off its own product line.

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Samsung tries and fails to mock Apple

Over the years, Samsung has taken shots at Apple whenever it could. Some of those attacks have been more successful than others, but most are more cringeworthy than anything. The latest definitely falls into the latter category. In the middle of Apple’s Peek Performance live stream last week, Samsung posted the following tweet:

Samsung is referring to Apple’s new M1 Ultra chip and the aforementioned green iPhone 13. The implication seems to be that Apple copied the naming scheme of Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra and color the color green? Samsung’s Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra are all available in green, and they did hit the market before Apple added a green option.

The Korean company is free to mock Apple as often and in whatever manner it wants. That said, this isn’t exactly the most compelling burn. Apple had a green colorway for the iPhone 11 just two years ago. And as far as we know, Samsung did not copyright the color green or the word ultra. Furthermore, the M1 Ultra is a system on a chip, not a smartphone. If Apple had revealed the iPhone 13 Ultra, the dig might have made a bit more sense.

Samsung Vs. Apple smartphone sales

iPhone 13 Pro color options.
iPhone 13 Pro color options. Image source: Apple

As far as we can tell, Apple has yet to formally respond to Samsung’s shot across the bow. Of course, as recent sales figures suggest, Apple doesn’t have much reason to do so. According to Counterpoint’s sales tracker, Apple released seven of the ten best-selling smartphones in 2021, including each of the top five, as well as the eighth and ninth.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s only appearance was the Galaxy A12 in sixth place. Not a single one of the company’s powerful flagship phones made the list.

This is obviously only one firm’s sales figures, but it goes to show just how dominant Apple has become. Samsung is welcome to poke and prod at Apple, but the company might want to try releasing a Galaxy S phone that actually outsells the latest iPhone first.

As for Apple’s green iPhone 13 and alpine green iPhone 13 Pro, preorders are now open. The new colors will begin shipping this Friday, March 18th. As for Apple’s custom M1 Ultra chip, it will be available in the new Mac Studio this Friday as well, starting at $ 3,999.

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